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Tutoring Program

Tutoring Program

Murray has community and parent volunteers who will tutor students who are experiencing difficulties with a particular subject.  This tutoring help can be asked for by a student, a parent or a teacher.  The student's Counselor begins the process and contacts the teacher for specific problems which need to be overcome.  The placement of the student with a tutor is coordinated through the Believe/Achieve Coordinator.  Please contact the Counselor's office if you wish to have individual short-term tutoring help for your student.  This tutoring does not take the place of students doing homework at home.
The Tutoring Program offers tutoring services five days per week/per student for identified students at Murray who are failing or getting “D’s” in many of the four core academic areas. This approach to tutoring has supported higher grade achievement for these students because the tutors are not only teaching but are also mentoring. While tutoring, they use homework assignments as their guide for instructing in a given subject. While mentoring, they encourage the students to articulate their long term academic goals and help the students to work toward long term success by developing good study habits both in school and at home. Student grades have improved significantly over the last year because of the tutoring model. One Murray student beamed and said “I’ve never gotten such good grades before!”
Goals for the Program:
1. Students will improve their grades in the core subject areas (Math, English, Science, Social Studies).
2. Students will articulate their long-range academic goals.
3. Students will identify strategies (both in school and at home) that will support their efforts to be successful in school.                                                
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