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Welcome Murray Families!

Everyone is welcome at Murray and we’re proud of the families who attend our school events and our volunteers and community partners who help students during the school day.

Quick Links

Use the links at the top of the page to access additional resources.

Prospective Families

Tours of Murray for prospective students going into 6th, 7th or 8th grade and their families align with the district’s registration process for Middle School. Make arrangements to visit Murray by connecting with our Parent Involvement Coordinator Stefanie Folkema. We can't wait to welcome you to our school.

The deadline for applications is February 23, 2024 and then the Placement Center begins processing them. The Placement Center does not give priority to early registrations – but don’t be late in getting in your request. Applications for Middle School are not sent to Murray. They are handled through the student's elementary school.

Visit our Prospective Families Page

Family Support Contacts

Stefanie Folkema is our Parent Involvement Coordinator.  Call her (651-744-3922) or email her with concerns about who can help you with a problem.

Jamin McKenzie, Michelle Bierman and Ryan Eggers will assist you with problems your student may be having with adjusting to middle school and any bullying issues at school or on the bus.  Contact them using the school number 651-293-8740 or at,, and  

Justine Revermann and Lisa Engelstad are Murray’s counselors.  Justine will be working with students whose last name starts with A-L and Lisa will be working with students whose last name starts with M-Z.  You can contact them if you think your student’s schedule is not correct or if your student wants a tutor for daily support or to help him or her over a hump.  They will also work with students to join groups based on their interests. Justine and Lisa can be contacted using the school number  (651-293-8740).  Also, you can email them at and

Abby Adegeye coordinates the after-school program.  The Murray Extended Program (FLIPSIDE) provides middle school students with quality academic, athletic, and enrichment opportunities. Flipside will begin October 9, 2023 and will run Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 5pm. Snacks will be offered daily, and transportation is provided for eligible students. Students may register anytime. Registration forms and Schedule Request forms are available outside of Murray’s main office. Abby's email address is

Sam Cramer is our Cafeteria Supervisor.  Contact him at 651-744-5302 if you have concerns about lunch issues.