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About Mr. Chase


Phone: 651-293-8740

Qualifications: University of Wisconsin River Falls Southwest Minnesota State University

Mr. Chase

Timothy Chase - 2014 Formal Environmental Educator of the Year Award
Tim Chase makes the most of his resources, he is a teacher at Murray Middle School and although the school is in an urban setting Tim has a commitment to get his students outside every month of the school year.  He uses the Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom to facilitate this.  He leads his students in collecting phenological data and watching for birds, as well as leading them in activities to enjoy the wooded area.  Tim and his colleagues have worked to integrate the parks and nature areas around the Twin Cities into their classes. His integration of nature and teaching extend beyond the school year, in the summer he leads a trip with students to Wolf Ridge.  The impact of these classroom experiences can be seen in the high school students that return to volunteer with the classes and trips.   Tim Chase has created courses and built partnerships with the The U.S. Forest Service, St. Anthony Park Community Foundation, and Wolf Ridge that provide an encouraging space for environmental education. His Environmental Inquiry Immersion class, and work with community members to establish the Como Woodland as an official Minnesota DNR School Forest site, display the energy and passion that he has for the education of his students.  Tim Chase is an exemplar in integrating environmental education in the classroom.