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Social Studies

The Social Studies Core Courses:

  • MN Studies
  • American History
  • Global Studies

Elective Offerings:

  • In These Times
  • World Cultures
  • History Day
  • Women's Studies

At Murray Middle School, Social Studies, students study Minnesota History (6th Grade), United States’ History (7th Grade), and Global Studies (8th Grade). Students come to better understand the current status of the world by studying the historical perspective of Minnesota, the United States and the physical and cultural make-up of the world. As part of the social studies curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in the National Geographic Geography Bee, National History Day, and Model UN. We offer multiple social studies electives, including In These Times, History Day, World Cultures, and Women’s Studies.

Social Studies teachers at Murray believe in teaching historical thinking and critical inquiry skills to help prepare students for high school and beyond. We encourage students to become historians themselves and seek the answer for the questions they might have.

Welcome students to a great year in Social Studies!

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Social Studies Teachers